Test, test, test, always test!

Feb 27, 2018

Luckily I got time today to work on the Housad app. I’m not quiet sure I like the name, maybe something more simple. I really like Ron Swansons company name in Parks and Recreation: “Very Good Building & Development Company”, simple and gets the job done.

On this project I really wanted to implement TDD, but creating those controllers and move on is extremely tempting, but I stopped myself after writing the PostsController and wrote some tests today. It was simple tests, but I’m new to RSpec, Warden and Capybara, so I really dug down into the documentation to get the full understanding. That was really all I got around to do today, not much visual to show, but getting that test-discipline down!

I pretty busy for the rest of the week, but it so be possible for me to get some work done. Next up I have three options to pick from;

  1. The design of the blog, so I can upload this to a server
  2. The design of the frontpage/cover, with working links and log in design
  3. Create more models, preferably the ones related to the calendar

I have another idea, maybe I should design the whole thing, create views for the whole app and add mock data. That way I only create the functionality for the components of the view, and doesn’t end up with features that aren’t being used. I like and dislike this approach at the same time, it’s nice not to have features that aren’t used, but also it’s boring to do the do the design. I will try to do a combined version of the two; for the new model and controller I’m about to implement, i will create a mockup of the view, maybe a little rough, but create the framework to be populated by the controller and model.

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