Communicate in the best possible way

Communication between tenants and landlords gathered in one place.
Manage your condominium from anywhere.

Stop wasting time communicating on paper

Save landlords and tenants valuable time.

CondoButlr Old Way

The old way

Communication across multiple platforms and on paper.

Printing and distributing paper is time consuming. Also having communication spread across channels is a hassle.

SMS, email and more

Bookings on paper

Printing and distributing paper

CondoButlr Our Way

Our way

5+ tools in one simple application.

Connect with your community from anywhere. Plans change all the time and you should be able to adapt on the go.

Online booking

No more paper

Simple and easy for everyone


Laundry booking
Tenants overview
Bulletin board
Booking of amenities
Chat between residents

Let CondoButlr be the butler of your community

If you have any questions regarding how your community can use our application,
we have an amazing team to support you along the way.
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