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laundry rooms and amenities

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Book amenities as well

Easily book and rent out your amenities. With a central calendar, have a overview of all of your bookings. Invite others to assist in approving and declining bookings, as amenity managers. You have the option to require approval of terms before booking, and create a rulebook for every amenity.

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Unreasonable to want
more time?

A community of 69 apartment can save more than 10 hours per month*
More than 5 days per year
$ 15 / month

Create unlimited apartments
(Only 5 apartments for free)

Stripe Climate Partner

1% of your CondoButlr purchase will contribute to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere

Other considerations

How does CondoButlr save us more time?

*Calculated based on the assumptions that we wash cloths twice a month, and spend 5 minutes accumulated when we are going down to our laundry room to book on paper.

apartments * washes_per_month * time_to_book

It's estimated that booking through CondoButlr takes 30 seconds. This has been deducted from the savings calculation.

Can I be billed yearly?

When you choose a yearly plan instead of a monthly plan, you get 2 months for free.

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