Small progress

Feb 26, 2018

It’s been quite a while since I have been working on this project, and I regret that. I think about it pretty much every day, but usually procrastinate after work or school to get any work done, but I’m going to change that!

I wanted to make the landing page a little more fun for me when I run the server, so I imported bootstrap 4 and found a nice picture to cover the whole thing.

Landing page

None of the links direct to anything. I properly should make useful links so I don’t have to navigate through the address bar all the time. Furthermore I got pretty far with the “blog” for these posts, need a few tests, admin authentication for creating new posts and of course some design.

Posts index

Nevermind with the design, this look beautiful.

For tests I use RSpec and Factory Bot, here is an example:

RSpec.feature "AddNewPosts", type: :feature do
  it "should create a new post as admin" do
    login_as create(:admin), scope: :user

    visit new_post_path

    within '.post_title' do
      fill_in 'post_title', with: "Post title"

    click_link_or_button 'Create Post'

    expect(Post.count).to eq(1)
    expect(Post.first.title).to eq("Post title")

Also I believe I have found the font for this application, I really like Work Sans from Google Fonts, but I don’t know, it’s hard to tell at this point, but so far so good. And I want the colors to be yellow and gray.

Hope I find time to work on this again soon.

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