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Jan 06, 2018

For a while I have been tired of walking down the stairs to see that there was not an available time for the washing machine for the next few days. I would like to be able to check if there is an available time, in my apartment, and if available book it. That gave me the idea for a web application which would solve my problem. I’ve done a small search on the market, but as a programmer I would rather solve the problem myself. So I began to devise a plan for which I could execute this idea, and surfed the internet for a beautiful design for this condo-administrations-app.

Recently our dorm got a Facebook™ group, which gets a couple of posts during the week. The problem is not everyone from the dorm is a member of this group, so it’s not possible to reach out to all the tenants. My solution to this is to build an administration tool that has a calendar for the washing machines and a bulletin board to inform the residents about anything. Furthermore ensuring that everyone has access to the platform, as they will be signed up when they move in or when they would like to wash their cloth. Essentially this application takes over all the scenarios where landlords and tenants communicate by paper. A place for tenants to communicate with each other about anything from stuff they want to get rid of, to help each other, or to asking your neighbours to keep it down. A place for landlords or some kind of administration to communicate with their tenants about activities in the building and so on.

So far I have come up with the following models:

This is of course a list that will be updated regularly, but this was my initial thought that I wrote down while I was in the bed, where I came up with this idea.

I am right in the middle of reading to the finals at my school, but hopefully I’ll get started on the coding soon enough.

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