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Jan 21, 2018

I have come up with a temporary name for the project Housad, as a composition of house and administration, and this condo-administrations-tool will be referenced as Housad further on. Today I managed to get some work done on the project in my busy schedule between PUBG™ and Netflix™. I created a landing page and the ability to login/signup/.. (actually just added the Devise gem):

Pages home Sign up

It certainly doesn’t look like much, but I haven’t settled on a design just yet, so I stick to the fun part, the backend. I have found some inspiration for the design though:

Inspiration one Inspiration two

So far I have created the User (tenant) model, and my next goal/assignment is to create a few more models and make it a little more exciting to look at.

The first few posts have been written in Google Docs™, but I would like to create my own blog on the web page, I just need to be a little more certain of the name, or another name, before getting a domain name. Or maybe I’ll just create a blog on medium.com™ for better outreach. I will properly create my own, just for fun.

I almost forgot, I have added Rspec and created a few tests to really implement Test Driven Development (TDD). Prior to this project, I usually write tests for my projects, especially in school, but I have been really terrible at writing tests for web applications. I’m about to turn that tradition around!

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