Apr 02, 2018

I’m getting more done than ever!

Easter just ended, and I’m starting to see some serious progress. Since my last post I have worked multiple days without making any posts, so here is a recap of the past few days.

Let’s begin with some screenshots. I have added more icons and links to the navigation bar:

Logo lion

I finally got/created my favicon:

Logo lion

The background should properly be that green color with rounded corners and the lion should be white.

I created a users page, which I think turned out pretty well:

Logo lion

The problem is, I have come to realize that it should not be users who book the washers, since most of the apartments have multiple residents, the users should book on behalf of the apartment, and not the specific user. It’s not a problem, it’s just a small design flaw that it easy to fix. I just really like this design for the users profile, and I think it’s obsolete already.
I can properly use it for something else, hopefully.

The backend for the laundry room is getting there, but the view is not:

Logo lion

Same goes for the tenants page:

Logo lion

But at this rate, they will be ready in no time.

Next up is finishing the laundry room; better presentation of the dates, when clicking the dates the bookings for that date should show up on the right, ability to create and delete a booking.

I have quite a busy schedule in my personal life in the next couple of days/weeks, so I’m uncertain when the next update will be. Soon though!

Looks great

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