Laundry room and bookings

Apr 15, 2018

Latest news in the development of Housad is the calendar and how it and the bookings is represented.
Currently when no date is picked, no bookings are displayed:

No bookings

When selecting a date, the bookings of that date will be shown on the right hand side.

No bookings

Of course all of these actions happen through AJAX, to make it fast, smooth and amazing.

Basically what this application needs to accomplish is to replace the current solution at my dorm. It’s two pieces of paper with bookings for the laundry machines, which is replaced by the janitor once every two weeks. Come to think about it, I’m doing a lot of work to replace two pieces of paper like the one below.

Current bookings

But i don’t mind ;)
As you are well aware I have plans for other build in features; booking of amenities, bulletin board, conversations, rules and info.

I recently deleted my own Facebook account, but that have nothing to do with me wanting to move the communication from the Facebook group to Housad. In light of recent events I felt it was time, and I enjoy it. In the beginning I was withdrawn, because I might miss out on certain events, but that residence became the sole reason for my disconnection to Facebook.

Anyways, I’m still loving this project, hope you have enjoyed the read.

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